At the starting block

“I’m flying high over Tupelo Mississippi with America’s hottest band…and we’re all about to die!”

It would be great if I had an intro line as amazing as William Miller’s (Patrick Fugit’s character in Almost Famous)

Sadly or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), I don’t.

All this to say, I’m finally joining the blogosphere!

And here’s why:

I’ve finally embraced the fact that I have something to say and that it’s worth hearing.

My entire life has been dedicated to helping people; but, I never really valued myself as a counselor.  And this whole time I’ve been ignorant of the tools at my disposal that had the greatest power to reach the most people.  Now that I’m finally learning about how to take my expertise as a counselor and trainer to the next level, I’m going to be using this blog as a springboard for using those life experiences and skills to help others.

I am a Masters level Licensed Professional Counselor with 13+ years of counseling experience, dually licensed in VA and PA and an Approved Clinical Supervisor through the NBCC.  My wife and two children and I currently live on the Eastern Shore of VA.  ParentingFamilySolutions Harrisburg Therapy Beach

But, in two short weeks we’ll be relocating to Lancaster, PA where I’ll be joining forces with my business partner and colleague, Jason Boes, to open Parenting & Family Solutions.  This will be an outpatient therapy office in Harrisburg, PA that provides individual, family and relationship counseling as well as supervision and consultation to counselors and social workers throughout the country. Parenting FamilySolutionsHarrisburgCityIslandBridge

This blog will hopefully help parents, young adults and my fellow counselors & social workers.  I’ll be touching on parenting and counseling topics related to teens and young adults, specific diagnoses like anxiety and depression, counseling techniques such as Gottman Counseling and ideas on how to start, grow and maintain a counseling practice. Join me as I navigate this new chapter in my life and career.  I’m sure I’ll make a ton of mistakes along the way and there will be growing pains; but, what is growth without pain right?


13 thoughts on “At the starting block

  1. Right on. Ink Shrink. I moved into clinical supervision 5 years ago and took the leap into blogging as well. We’re in a new time for clinicians. I was terrified to talk about myself having had it drilled into my head that therapists are to be a fortress of secrets, a tabula rasa, but we each have a life and story to share. Glad you’re hear. Pennsylvania is doing many good and progressive things in mental health.

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    • Thanks E! Definitely. I can still picture the lectures on boundaries, self-disclosure and the myth of the tabula rasa. It is a new age and our clients expect and need more than that. I love clinical supervision! Other than the liability haha. I wish my practice was full of supervisees! Thanks for your comment, for following along and for your passion

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