On The Move!

C8570DF3-5FBE-4D9D-8C99-13DB1649A6FDI wanted to post a short announcement to make all of my readers aware that I’m moving the On The Couch Blog to a self-hosted website that is connected to my private outpatient practice.  Moving forward you can find my blog here:


On the sidebar of each page as well as along the bottom there is a place to subscribe for our newsletter.  I’ll be continuing to post weekly blog articles every Thursday at 6pm.  In addition, subscribers will get access to free PDFs on tips for how to beat anxiety, improve their relationships and level up their parenting skills.

Projects that will be coming in 2018 will include the On The Couch Podcast as well as an e-book or two that will all be available through the Parenting & Family Solutions site in addition to upcoming webinars, free PDFs and infographics on various mental health issues.

I’ll continue posting here for another week or so and will then post solely through the new site.

So stop on by and check out the new digs!



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