The A-Word: Anxiety – Stinking Thinking

You’re awful! You treat yourself like crap! And it’s because of the way you think. So many of us were taught how to take care of ourselves physically through diet and exercise, being active, living life to the fullest. But not too many were taught how to think healthy thoughts. In fact, some of us … Continue reading The A-Word: Anxiety – Stinking Thinking

The A-Word! Anxiety: The Not-So-Silent Killer

"What're you so anxious about?!" "Just think happy thoughts" Riiiiight! Just about everybody struggles with anxiety in some form or another. This is going to be a multiple part series on anxiety in its different forms and coping skills for dealing with yours. This post I'll unpack the basics of what anxiety is and give … Continue reading The A-Word! Anxiety: The Not-So-Silent Killer